Hitparade 12.3.'05

1. Lady in Black                                Uriah Heep
2. Smoke on the Water                      Deep Purple
3. Another brick in the wall               Pink Floyd
4. Losing my religion                       REM
5. Nutbush city limit                          Ike and Tina Turner
6. Radar Love                                   Golden Earring
7. Sweet home Alabama                    Lynyrd Skynyrd
8. Child in Time                                Deep Purple
9. Black magic woman                      Santana
10. Stairway to heaven                      Led Zeppelin

Und diese standen zur Wahl:


Wiederwahl möglich:

1.) Lady in Black                            Uriah Heep

2.) Smoke on the water                   Deep Purple

3.) Stairway to heaven                     Led Zepplin

4.) Locomotive Breath                     Jethro Tull
Another Brick in the Wall           Pink Floyd

6.) Highway to hell                          AC/DC

7.) School                                       Supertramp

8.) Losing my religion                      REM

9.) Radar Love                               Golden Earing

10.) Nutbush city limit                     Ike &Tina Turner


11.) Hurricane                         Bob Dylan

12.) Black magic woman         Santana

13.) Make me smile                  Cockney Rebel

14.) Somebody to love             Jefferson Airplane

15.) Sharp dressed man            ZZ Top

16.) Davy´s on the road again   Manfred Mann´s Earthband

17.) I was made for loving you  Kiss

18.) Sweet home Alabama        Synyrd Skynyrd

19.) Child in time                      Deep Purple

20.) Westerland                       Ärzte